Research Programme

The EPPEI research stream offers students the opportunity to study towards a master’s or doctoral degree, with the aim of aligning their research with:

  1. The student’s career/personal goals, expertise and interest according to their current job
  2. Tackling new concepts and or existing challenges within Eskom to enhance the knowledge within the power industry
  3. Ensuring the research has the potential to develop the student’s capacity, e.g. through developing structured thinking ability and problem solving

In addition to an academic supervisor, each student is assigned an industrial mentor who guides the student to ensure topics remain relevant.

Research can be conducted at various specialisation centres at the partner universities.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance and supervision of a team, that is made up of academics and industry experts. It is a requirement that the research done through EPPEI is relevant in addressing the technical challenges facing Eskom and the broader power industry in South Africa and Africa. It is an opportunity for students to grow in their fields and areas of expertise.

Master’s Programme

Full-time 2 years
Part-time 3 years

Doctoral Programme

Full-time 3 years
Part-time 5 years