Renewable Energy at Stellenbosch University

In the framework of the upcoming renewable energy development in South Africa in wind and concentrated solar power (CSP), some of the key technical challenges that need to be addressed by Eskom engineers in the short to medium term include:

  • integrating renewable energy power stations with variable output into the national grid;
  • forecasting electricity production from these power stations;
  • operating and maintaining the Eskom renewable energy power stations to optimise electricity production and to reduce costs; and
  • addressing some unique South African challenges such as dry-air cooling for CSP plants and cleaning of mirrors and panels in dusty, arid conditions
  • support design, operation, and maintenance of wind farms and CSP plants, including the optimisation of electricity production;
  • feasibility studies for renewable energy power stations;
  • tender specifications and procurement processes;
  • overseeing construction, commissioning and grid integration; and
  • research and development to facilitate technology transfer to South African operations.