EPPEI Overview

EPPEI was founded with the objective of improving the skills and knowledge of Eskom engineers through research programmes at master’s and doctoral level. Engineers are afforded the opportunity to complete their master’s or doctorate studies, by conducting research that is relevant to the power plant and power systems industry, with the aim to address various technical challenges currently facing Eskom and the broader power industry in Africa and South Africa.

EPPEI is partnered with six South African universities and nine South African universities of technology which together, host eight specialisation centres. As formally constituted centres, they are subject to university principles and governance that ensure quality research, continuous improvement and sustainability.

Listed below are the benefits for working with EPPEI, both for industry and academia:

For Industry:

  • Access to world-class research facilities
  • Industry staff obtain applied research and course-based skills development
  • Innovation and technology development
  • Easy access to specialist expertise
  • Brand awareness and association with world-renowned institutions
  • Cost-effective research solutions, including contract research
  • A pool of students from which to recruit
  • Demonstrates a good corporate citizenship with an interest in South African development

For Academia:

  • Access to research funding
  • Access to industry (power stations and power systems) for applied research and publications
  • Collaboration with subject matter experts within Eskom to strengthen the relevance of research projects
  • Access to industry data
  • Real world problems that provide opportunities for technology developments and patents
  • Opportunity to improve qualification programmes and content